Paul Gilbert at his finest.


Colorado Photos

I have posted all of our Colorado trip photos in my photo album. They are not exactly in order, but they are separated by day. Enjoy!


We started the day out early, ate breakfast and was on the road. We had a lot of ground to cover today. We headed north out of Amarillo and made our way toward Texline to cross the boarder into New Mexico
100_4410 (Medium)
We then made our way to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM. Emily has never been there, so I wanted to show her the magical place that I adored as a young scout and where my Troop and I had a trek last year.
100_4433 (Medium) 100_4437 (Medium)
Emily got to see the famous Tooth of Time and Tooth Ridge as well as Waite Phillip’s home “Villa Philamonte”.


Ok, so the wireless internet was as slow as molasses and I was unable to do daily updates about our trip. However, we are back safe and sound and I plan to update this site with photos of our wonderfull trip. Hopefully by tonight I can have everything posted, so be sure to check back later!


Colorado Trip – Day 1

We finally headed out this afternoon and made it to Amarillo. It took us a little longer than anticipated, but we made it nonetheless and safely. Before heading to our hotel or dinner, we decided to go straight to the Palo Duro Canyon which is about 20 miles from Amarillo, near the town of Canyon before it got dark. I must say that it was totally worth it. This canyon is breathtaking and serene. The formations of the cliffs are amazing and pictures cannot do it justice.  


CIMG3134 (Medium)This is a location that we will visit in the future and will be an excellent place to camp and hike. The trails here are extensive. Tomorrow, we will make our way to Philmont for a pitstop, then continue north to Colorado. Its been a long day, and I’m heading to bed.
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